pool bleach sanitizer” pumped into a pool at White Lake Water Park

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Tablets of Tri-chlor are tablet forms of chlorine and is short for , a stabilized form of chlorine that has achieved a great amount of use in the last thirty years. "Stabilized" means that it has cyanuric acid pressed into the tablets. Cyanuric, also called stabilizer or conditioner, is like sunscreen for the chlorine molecule; an extender. Tri-chlor is created by combining the salts of cyanuric acid and chlorine gas into a pressing machine to form a tablet or stick. Testing of cyanuric acid levels at least annually is required, to maintain it in the range of 30-50 ppm. Most Trichlor is 90% available chlorine, which is a high percentage, as compared to other forms of chlorine. The pH of pool tablets is somewhat low at 3, so the pH in your pool may gravitate downward, and require periodic adjustment. Tablets or sticks are slow dissolving when placed in floaters or in-line erosion feeders. Using tablets in the skimmer is not recommended because of the corrosive nature of the chemical contacting metal pipes and equipment. This becomes more of a problem when the filter pump is operated on a timer. Tablets should also not be thrown directly into the pool, they can stain and etch plaster and bleach and deteriorate vinyl. Tablets have been known to strip out the copper inside of a heater, if a chlorinator is installed incorrectly. Despite these restrictions, chlorine tablets are an effective, yet expensive, means of controlling algae and bacteria, and the most common method used by pool owners.

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.C. (WNCT) – More than 20 children were rushed to the hospital Thursday afternoon after too much “pool bleach sanitizer” pumped into a pool at White Lake Water Park.
Park owner Ted Huck says an employee shut down one of the pumps in a new wave pool but did not turn the chlorine system off.
It wasn’t until later that Park officials discovered it was not chlorine but instead “pool bleach sanitizer.”
The children affected were experiencing nausea and vomiting.

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