An Easy Baby Poop Stain Remover

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How to Remove Poop Stains | Remove Stains

But how do you handle a tougher stain that isn’t exactly the most pleasant to remove? If you have a new baby at home, or if your dog or cat isn’t quite potty trained, you may find yourself having to deal with poop stain removal from time to time. Not the most fun exercise in the world, right?

The best way to approach poop stain removal is to first make sure you know which type of surface you’re working with. If you’re wondering how to remove feces stains from carpet, for example, it’s best to know what kind of fibers your carpet has. If you’ve encountered a poop stain on an antique rug, you may want to look into professional carpet cleaning before spraying any old cleaner directly onto it.

How to Remove Dog Poop from Carpets - Stains & Odor

How to Remove Dog Poop Stains - Pets

Because I’m a blogger, and love sharing with my readers, I decided to document my poop stain removal process for you, because chances are, it will happen to you as a parent!