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I generally use powdered detergent when I wash in hot water, as I think it performs best in hot water. I always wash towels and white cottons like guys' socks, undies, and T-shirts in hot water (sometimes sheets). I do like to use ERA HE liquid on dirty/greasy jeans and other such laundry.

Just a little tip, Borax is a water softener so if you have hard water you can try increasing the amounts, i would try quarter amounts first to see, so if you put in 1/2 c. i would try another 1/4 or if you use 2 c. i would try another 1/2 c, but then because you are using the powdered recipe it might displace too much of the soap, if anything put your 1-2 tbps of the powdered detergent then throw in 1 tbps of borax which should help your hard water, if you try this tell me how it works, i have a water softener so i don’t know the correct measurements required for hard water.

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    Discover the newest size package of premium European heavy duty powder detergent from Henkel. High Efficiency (HE) Persil Laundry Detergent is a unique formula that keeps whites whiter and removes deep set stains while reducing its impact on the environment. Persil is suitable for most washable fabrics ( it is not suited for wool or silk, but fortunately another Henkel offering. features a special formulation just for these fabrics). Persil also has a clean fresh and unique scent loved throughout Europe. Miele part no. 0769631