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Top 10 Most Powerful Bleach Attacks 2016

Here are my Top 10 Most Powerful Bleach Characters!

These are in my Opinion - If u disagree or something just comment
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My opinion of the top most powerful Bleach Characters. It took A LOT of deliberation, but this is the final product. It's pretty accurate if you ask me.

Hooked on science: powerful bleach

So who is the most powerful character

It has powerful bleaching and stain removal properties, so it is often used for teeth brushing. Also, it has antibacterial capacity that eliminates tartar and microbes which are the cause of cavities and bad breath.

You may also want to have a scented bleach cleaner (Clorox Cleanup and other brands usually have a scent added to mask the powerful chlorine bleach odor). For this, you can use scented bleach, which costs a bit more in the store but does smell better.