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We also sell used carpet cleaning equipment! We do consignment sales for our customers who are looking to upgrade their equipment. Many times, you can find used truck mounts that have been well kept and serviced right here at PCCS. There is a huge market for used carpet cleaning and drying equipment that is in good condition and we are your number one source for these types of deals. Whether you're buying or selling, PCCS can help you find the right professional floor cleaning equipment at the right price.

Our professional floor cleaners are trained so that they do not create additional mess during the floor cleaning process, and if they do create any waste by-products, these will be removed from your home at the end of the cleaning. Although most flooring will be fine to use within a few hours of the end of the cleaning process, if certain special chemicals have been used, you may be advised to avoid putting certain items on the floor for a few days afterwards. You cleaner will be able to give you any special advice to help you to make the most of your newly cleaned floor.


  • Clorox Professional Floor Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Professional Floor Cleaning Service

    When you decide that you want to have professional floor cleaning done at you property (be it commercial or residential), you should phone up a specialist company to arrange an appointment. A member of the service team will be able to help you to find a time which is convenient for you. You should take this opportunity to describe what sort of flooring it is that you need cleaning, and give additional information about any special circumstances which you may have. Many cleaning companies will be able to give you a quote at this stage. When you are making these arrangements, you can also ask whether you will need to make any special preparations before the cleaners arrive.

    If you need your floor professionally cleaned, you may be wondering what will happen during the process. Whilst the science behind floor cleaning can be quite hard to understand (and will depend entirely upon what the floor that needs cleaning is made out of) the rest of the professional floor cleaning process from Liberty Carpet Care in Rowlett is relatively simple. Here is what happens if you want professional floor cleaning: