Professional Wood Floor Cleaner

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polyurethane finished wood floors..

Again, there are risks involved with this method, so it may just be better to hire a professional hardwood floor cleaner to completely refinish the floor.

Q: Should I regularly polish my floor?
A: There are actually a lot of polishes you should avoid, like acrylic wax polish or silicone polish. These finishes just add coat after coat of material onto the floor, which makes professional wood floor cleaning more difficult and costly.

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Our professional hardwood floor cleaning methods are revolutionary in terms of the precise care needed to maintain your floors. With that said, despite other companies procedures taking up to 2 weeks to complete, Burg’s Custom Cleaning utilizes a contemporary approach that only takes a few hours, all while leaving your floors dust-free! So, feel free to walk on and return your furniture and belongings after just 24 hours!

Q: How often should I hire a professional hardwood floor cleaner?
A: You should schedule a professional cleaning every year to remove built-up dirt and oils.