Details about Beyond The Zone Radical Bleach Kit

Radical Bleach Kit


It is enriched with free radical fighting agents.

The first thing we did was buy our bleach kit at a Sally Beauty Supply store near us. The brand is Beyond The Zone and the one we buy is called the “Radical Bleach Kit”. It looks like this.

Make sure to watch the next step to this ware I used the Radical Bleaching Kit to to my Highlights and some more tips what all comes in the kits.

Ware I bought the items at and what I used

Radical Bleaching Kits

Lessons In Radical Innovation Out Of ..

  • Beyond the Zone Radical Bleaching Kit
  • Clairol Professional Creme Demi Hair Color 10N Lightest Neutral Blonde (Used as a toner)
  • Ion 20 Volume Developer
  • Foil

And Operations 14th Edition Pdf Free Kit Homes ..