how to remove towel lint from a sweater

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4. Grab a piece of Scotch tape to remove lint from small areas.

Single Blade Razors

A single blade razor is an effective way to remove lint. Run the razor bit by bit over the sweater gently to remove all the fluffy stuff.

Fabric Comb

A fabric comb is a small, fine toothed comb that is specifically designed for the removal of lint from fabric. Such combs can be purchased at your local fabric store.

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    If you want to learn how to remove lint from clothes, read on. Lint is terrible, especially on certain clothes. We all know that we have two kinds of clothes lurking in our closets: the fuzz givers and the fuzz receivers. The darker the clothes, the more attractive they are to the fuzz that is floating around. And it might only be a coincidence, but the more important the event you are going to or the better the impression that you want to make, the more likely you are to have to deal with a lot.

    Tape It

    Wrap tape around your hand so that the sticky part is facing outward. Once you have a solid band (2-3 rows), press your hand against the garment and use the stickiness of the tape to remove lint balls.