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REPEL™ Glass & Surface Cleaner - Unelko Corporation

Invisible Shield and Repel Glass and Surface Cleaner preserve and enhance everyday surfaces while making them easier to clean. They are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. All glass, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces can be cleaned, protected, and maintained easily and affordably.

Through extensive research, Unelko has developed their new Clean-X product: Repel Glass and Surface Cleaner, which features nanotechnology benefits. Repel cleans glass to a sparkling shine and simultaneously provides a soil resistant “barrier” to inhibit the adhesion of dirt, grime, fingerprints and smudges. Clean-X has taken a new and unique approach to cleaning that is proving itself in the marketplace.

Repel® Outdoor Insect Repellents

  • Repel Glass and Surface Cleaner With Repellent 27oz.
  • Repel cleans glass to a streak free shine