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I'm sure she won't mind me sharing her response as its for the good of carpet-kind everywhere!

"I used a bottle full (over several tankfuls of water) but tbh I could probably have used less. I just put a few good glugs in every time I had to fill up the water (as you would with the rug doctor detergent) and VERY hot water. It is, imo, just as good as their £20 bottles of cleaner. I shall not be bothering with their detergent again, that's for sure"

So when I go to rent the machine I will have a sneaky look at what they recommend for their own cleaning solution and do the same, maybe a little less.

It'll probably next weekend I rent the machine so I'll come back and report how it went. If I forget, feel free to pester me for an update!

I'm planning on renting a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner and saw this thread where Hecate said she used Persil Small and Mighty liquid rather than buying the Rug Doctor detergent.

Hecate has left MN now, at New Year I think, so I can't ask her how much she put in etc so I was wondering if anyone else has used this trick? If you have, can you tell me what you did and whether it worked?

I don't want to bugger it up and break the machine!! Thanks.

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Rug Doctor Carpet detergent Cleans, deodorises, protects and rejuvenates. Contains SpotBlok® stain repellent to protect your carpet against stains and spills long after it has been cleaned. Cleans approximately 400sq ft/38m2 (2 rooms).