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Back in India, I had Oxy bleach and it gave satisfactory results, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get that in US and resorted to using Jolen, and it has been nothing but a pain in the neck because it irritates my eyes unbearably, takes forever to bleach the hair, causes black patches on my face. Hence, I decided to switch to Sally Hansen bleach which turned out to be a good buy.

I was looking for Jolen bleach and the store I was at was out of it. I thought I'd give this Sally Hansen bleach a try.

I'm white with dark brunette hair. I use this on my upper lip and on my jaw line. The jaw line hair is PCOS related and fairly coarse.

This does not work well for me at all. The preparation and application is the same as the Jolen, it just does not lighten hair as well. It might be okay for finer hair or hair that is lighter than mine, but a 10 minute application did zilch.

Pros: Less stinky than Jolen and also less irritating to my skin.

Cons: Not very effective for its intended job.

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    Where do I buy sally Hansen bleaching crm in phillipines?

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