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Nadolina Skin Bleach Extra Strength 2.25 Oz.


Remove stubborn dark spots from face // skin bleaching cream

Hydroquinone USP, 4% Skin Bleaching Cream is indicated for the gradual bleaching of hyperpigmented skin conditions such as chloasma, melasma, freckles, senile lentigines, and other unwanted areas of melanin hyperpigmentation.

So, I started trying every possible skin lightening remedy that you can ever think of which includes homemade remedies that you can find on the web and even wasted a hell lot of money on skin bleaching creams.

Skin bleaching creams for Blacks

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Skin Bleaching Cream? I Found The Best One!

Each gram of Hydroquinone USP, 4% Skin Bleaching Cream contains 40 mg hydroquinone USP, in a vanishing cream base of aqua (water), ascorbic acid, BHT, cetyl alcohol, disodium EDTA, glycerin, glycolic acid, methylparaben, propylparaben, saponins, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium metabisulfite, stearyl alcohol and tocopheryl acetate. Chemically, hydroquinone is CHO and has a molecular weight of 110.11. The chemical name is 1,4 dihydroxybenzene, and the structural formula of hydroquinone is:

It is a multiple award winning skin bleaching cream launched in 2005 by Civant Skin Care. It took four years of trial and error for the company to create a unique formula that has changed many people’s life significantly.