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For Asians such as Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, Thai or of such descent, l-glutathione skin bleaching pills are said to work well to whiten the skin. However, for African Americans, the same pills also work, but you should not expect them to ‘whiten’ your skin to achieve the Caucasian white skin appearance.

Is there such a thing as permanent skin bleaching pills? Well, one of the biggest cons of using even the best skin whitening pills is that you have to keep using them to slow down or stop dark skin pigment from forming on your skin. This means that you have to form a dependency on these tablets, otherwise, your complexion will become darker again.

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  • Wait until you are 18 years of age or older before you use skin bleaching pills that contain glutathione.

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    OTC skin whitening pills are mostly for black people. These pills are taken orally and work by even out skin tone, getting rid of any discolorations such as . In addition, they also lighten the skin tone by one or two shades. Therefore, if you want to change your skin complexion from dark to white, you can buy some of the best skin bleaching pills on the market today to use for this purposes. But do over the counter skin lightening pills really work?

    Reviews of the best skin bleaching pills point out a number of tablets as the most effective when it comes to lightening a darker complexion by one or two shades. You will not fail to notice the mention of a number of OTC products such as the following: