Splat Lightening Bleach's gentle formula

Splat Null, Lightening Bleach


Using Splat Lightening Bleach for a fantastic Ombre.

Hey guys! This is my review of the Splat Lightening Bleach. Sorry I looked out of it was a little tired and the shirt i was wearing is a shirt i usually wear when i dye my hair. so dnt mind the shirt.

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Extra gloves, a magazine to pass time or book, and a bag of plastic forks so you can use one to scratch your head. Its itchy; if doing a full coverage you may need 2 or more Splat Color Kits, if you're just doing the bleach you can get Splat Lightening Bleach as well.

Using Splat Lightening Bleach for a fantastic Ombre.

  •  Once you are through with using the splat lightening bleach, remove the applicator and rinse the bottle thoroughly before getting rid of it.
  • Splat Lightening Bleach Hair Dye Kit

    I recently purchased the splat lightening bleach. i noticed that the product doesn't come with much in it. i have short, thick, curly hair just a couple inches before my shoulder. should i buy two or will it be enough?

    Includes: Splat Oxide formula, Splat Lightening Bleach, Splat Color Dye (whichever color(s) you purchase, in this case Lucious Raspberry), Gloves, Instructions.