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OXY Pet Stain Remover - Carpet Cleaning with Oxygen Power - Clean Tough Spots and Stains with Ease - Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, and Laundry - 32oz


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KickAss Carpet Stain Remover Spray is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. It contains strong cleaners and degreasers to remove stains due to dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and blood. Save hundreds on cleaning, and thousands on replacement costs!

KickAss Carpet Stain Remover Spray quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning. The solution leaves no residue and contains no solvents which might soften carpet backings. KickAss Carpet Stain Remover Spray also contains an odor neutralizer which destroys odors due to urine, vomit, and blood through oxidation catalysis. A pleasant fragrance remains.

OxiClean® Max Force® Laundry Stain Remover Spray, 12 oz.

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RESOLVE (SPRAY 'N WASH) Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Laundry stain remover spray is generally detergent-based, meaning the active ingredient is some type of concentrated laundry detergent. When sprayed directly onto a stain, the stain remover spray can go to work in the affected area, and lift the stain without damaging the fabric. Laundry stain removers are usually not designed to mask or remove odors, because these will be washed out in the washing machine. Stain removers intended for laundry should generally not be used on a carpeted surface, because the sudsy soap will be very difficult to get out of the carpet fibers.

spray is generally made up of various household chemicals, and frequently contains hydrogen peroxide, among others. These stain remover sprays are designed to penetrate the carpet and remove the stain, while still being simple to wash away or blot up with a damp cloth. Pet stain remover spray is often sold in conjunction with carpet stain removers.