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Then, in June 2014, Deborah Mooneyhan says she burned her hands when she went to grab a bottle of Rooto-manufactured Liquid Lightning sulfuric acid drain opener from the shelf of a Walmart in Cleveland, Miss.

Product design experts say a well-designed bottle shouldn’t leak, even when dropped – especially if it contains something dangerous. Consumers, however, have complained for years about problems with Rooto’s bottles of sulfuric acid drain opener.

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An ultra powerful drain opener that can dissolve grease, hair, plastic, soap build up and most other rancid matter in one easy step.  This product begins to work immediately on your drain stoppage, no need to wait long periods of time as with other drain openers.  As a maintainer it easily keeps all plumbing running cleanly.


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Moon and Kopf run Rooto from Las Vegas, but the company also has a factory in Howell, Mich., about 40 miles east of Lansing. In his 2015 , Moon said his company makes about “10 or more different products,” including alkaline- and enzyme-based drain cleaners. The deposition comes from a in Queens, N.Y., where Rooto is being sued for alleged negligence in the manufacturing, labeling and marketing of its sulfuric acid drain opener.

Another aspect of the present invention is to provide a method of opening and cleaning clogged drains, through the contact of a clogged drain with the aqueous sulfuric acid drain opener composition of the present invention.