Sun Triple Clean Tropical Breeze Powder Laundry Detergent and All Purpose Cleaner, 22.7 lbs


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Sun Classic Sun Powder Laundry Detergent left residue in my clothes. It left a LOT of residue. Generally, I prefer liquid detergent. I wash much of my laundry in warm or cool water and I have found that sometimes powders don't completely dissolve in cold water. That's exactly what happened when I used Sun Classic Sun Powder Laundry Detergent.

I did two loads of laundry this this detergent. The first load was all white clothes with hot water and bleach. It seemed to do an adequate job. The clothes looked pretty clean, but that could have been because of the bleach I used.

The second load was a load of towels that were darker colors (navy blue, hunger green and a dark brown). I used warm water to wash and cold water to rinse. When the washer was finished, I could see many little specs left on the dark fabrics. They were actually small bits of the detergent that did not dissolve.

To me, when laundry comes out of the washer with small bits of detergent, I consider it a failure! I am glad I bought a very small sized package. I threw it away.

I use Sun Classic Sun Powder laundry detergent primarily when I am travelling and have access to laundry machines. It packs well and is very light so it doesn't add too much to your overall luggage weight. It also saves time and money by bringing the detergent with you. Although I normally use liquid laundry detergent, I have found this Sun detergent works just as well at cleaning our clothes and leaving them smelling fresh.

This laundry detergent cleans our clothes as well as the liquid detergents I normally use. It dissolves quickly and rinses out thoroughly. I also use this detergent to wash some of our clothes by hand and it has never caused me any skin irritation. It is also an economical laundry detergent. I have no complaints about this laundry detergent.

Although I prefer scent free laundry products, this powder detergent is very lightly and pleasantly scented. I am sensitive to heavy scents in general, and this detergent does not bother me in any way.

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Sun powdered detergent with colorsafe bleach
by: Suzie Queu

I have been looking for the Classic Sun powdered detergent with Colorsafe bleach. It looks as if Sun no longer makes this. I am very disappointed as I have read so many good things about it. Why do companies also do this? Change something that works!!! I am not fond of their new products, now.

Material Safety Data Sheet - Sun Cleaning Inc

Sun Powder Mountain Fresh with Bleach Detergent - 1 Cup. Wholesale Powder Laundry Detergent: Sun Powder laundry detergent will give your clothes a clean and fresh scent! Quick dissolving Sun with Color Keeper is formulated to help protect the colors in your clothing from fading. Biodegradable cleaning agents and safe for septic systems. 19 oz per box, 14 boxes per case.