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The management of Sunlight Detergent also treated their dealers, retailers and general public who graced the event to sumptuous meals and showered them with company’s products.

Sunlight detergent not only comes in two fragrant variants namely: Spring Sensations and Tropical Sensations, but is also available in a range of sizes from the 26 gramme sachets to 2 kilogrammes packs.

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    The Brand Manager, Sunlight Detergent, Ojeabuo Akhiojemi, said the event marked the second Alarambra Owambe in Ibadan, just as he stressed that the importance of women cannot be overemphasised in any society be it in children’s upbringing, homemaking and general wellbeing of the society.

    He also stressed that “the essence of Sunlight detergent can be captured in two words, “Fragrance” and “Cleaning”. These are two benefits you get anytime you use Sunlight detergent.