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Nes NES1036 Internal Thread Repair, 7/8 to 2 5/8-Inch, 4-Piece


CTA Tools 18114 Thread Cleaning Tool 14 x 1.5 | JB Tools

LS1 Cylinder Head Bolt Thread Cleaning Tool
At the factory, GM uses a substantial amount of thread compound on the LS1's cylinder head bolts. This is good because the head bolts stay put while the engine is running, but it becomes an issue when trying to rebuild one of these engines. The leftover residue clogs the threads in the block and won't allow new cylinder head bolts or studs to install properly.

Enter ARP's PN 912-0011 LS1 Clean Out Tap. This tap is the correct size and length to properly clean all 20 of the M11 cylinder head bolt holes used on the LS1 engine, allowing head bolts to reach the proper torque and head studs to thread in easily. Price: $51.34.

5. A pipe thread cleaning tool comprising a tubular body having a closed end and an open end, a plug threaded in the open end of the body and having a central opening, a plunger slidably received in the central opening and having a head mounted in the body and a threaded end projecting outwardly from the plug, a first spring embracing said plunger and biased between the plug and'the head to urge the head toward the closed end of the body, a second spring mounted in the body and biased between theclosed end of the body and the head to counteract the action of the first spring, a collar adjustably mounted on the threaded end of said plunger, a piurality'of equally spaced arms fixed to-the body, links pivotally mounted on said arms for radial movement with respect to said body and said plunger, a toothed wheel carried by each of the links, said collar having a continuous recess therein, and extensions projecting laterally from said links and received in said recess for radial movement of the links during sliding movementv oi-the plunger relative to the body in either direction.

choke tube thread cleaning tool,

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Thread chaser sets aren't that expensive (Craftsman, for example) and they become one of your most-used tools in working with old cars.

CTA Tools 18118 Thread Cleaning Tool 18 x 1.5 | JB Tools

l.v A pipe thread cleaning tool comprising a substantially tubular body, a plurality of equally spaced arms fixedly secured at one of their ends to said body, the free ends of said arms being bifurcated, links pivotally mounted at one of their ends in the--bifurcated ends of said arms for pivotal movement in planes substantially radial with respect to said body, a plunger slidably mounted within .said body and having a head, a compression spring on each side of the head and the adjacent end of the body, means connecting said plunger to said links for simultaneous radial movement of said links relative to said body and for adjustment of said plunger relative to said body, the free ends of said links being bifurcated, and a toothed wheel rotatabl'y carried by the bifurcated end of each of said links.

Thread cleaning tool is used to remove any pipe chips or other drilling debris from the completion plug threads in the fitting prior to installation of the completion plug.