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Tide Plus Bleach Alternative Liquid Laundry Detergent, Original Scent, HE Turbo Clean, 138 oz, 72 loads


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Does anyone here remember back in the day when Tide with Bleach detergent powder had on the front of the box (and the back) that it killed germs 100% (or something like that) in the wash when used in Hot or warm water and using a full scoop? Later Gain did the same. I wish I remembered the wording better. I need to google that.

Tide with bleach detergent is amazing. I have used this to wash my clothes for many years. I tend to change up detergents every now and then just because I like to try new things, but I always find myself going back to Tide with bleach. I absolutely love how this detergent smells. I cannot describe the smell, but I'm obsessed with it. The smell lasts on my clothes for a while after washing them, even if they've been in a drawer or in a closet. That is one of my favorite things about it because I love my clothes to smell clean and fresh. Not only does this detergent leave your clothes smelling great, it cleans them really well. I have a one and a half year old who makes messes daily and I am always worried her clothes would be ruined. So far Tide with bleach has cleaned all stains out of her clothes perfectly. What a relief! I would recommend this detergent to anyone who needs a soap that will clean tough stains without a long prewash treatment.

I could not ask for better results from a detergent. Tide with bleach cleans my family's clothes better than any other detergent I have tried. They are clean and there are no oily residue spots left where stains existed before washing.

Tide smells really good. It's a smell that I cannot compare to anything else, but it is great.

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