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ANSWER: I had to smile when I read your question. I had not heard about doing this since I was a young agent back in the 1980s. Using Tide detergent powder to control chinch bugs was all the rage back then. I can't tell you how effective it really is (although soap is toxic to insects), but I can definitely tell you that lots of lawns were damaged or killed by it.

I prefer products that have been carefully tested and evaluated to be appropriate and effective for a certain pest and assessed for toxicity to plants and the environmental. I want all the information I need about mixing, what it controls, what I can use it on, how often it can be applied, precautions about weather conditions, environmental concerns and everything else I need to know to use the pesticide safely and effectively. None of that is on a box of Tide detergent powder.

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QUESTION: I have chinch bugs damaging my lawn. My neighbor told me to sprinkle Tide detergent powder over the area, and it would take care of the problem. I'm kind of leery. What do you think? -- Andy Cavanaugh

Tide Plus detergent powder has got the Acti-Lift technology, to lift off arid stains with easiness. It includes the freshness of fragrance on your clothes every day. It kills germs on clothes and gives fresh perfume to clothes with talcum freshness. Enjoy the soft wash and experience the bad odor elimination from your most liked clothes and dresses.