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Black-Owned Business Spotlight: True Laundry Detergent

Thus, we will be reading from the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide in our Do the Knowledge segment, then we roll out the red, Black, and green carpet for True Detergent distributor Evan Jefferson who brings us an opportunity to support Black business while also making some money for yourself!

‘True Detergent’ is one of the most effective laundry detergents available on the market. ‘True Detergent’ is 4x concentrated and allows consumers to use less detergent. It is void of any caustic ingredients and animal essences thus making it a truly safe detergent for all types of machines and fabrics and also safe for the whole family. Powerful and economical, it has more cleaning power leading to tremendous savings with results of 17 cent per load. True Products, LLC is an American based Limited Liability Corporation with offices in Atlanta, Georgia. For more details, visit

Naomi Kayla acts in a Cheer True Fit Detergent commercial

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      True Detergent Has Started A Black Business Movement

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True Blue Solid Pot & Pan Detergent – ridgway industries

True detergent is one of the first and only Black owned laundry detergent companies out there. This is a product that ALL of us use (laundry detergent) and something that we need on a regular basis.

With a community and product development focus in mind, Malik Saleem, co-founder also added, “We would like to make True detergent one of the best known detergents in the world while creating job opportunities for our community.”