Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White In Wash Fabric Stain Remover, 47.6 Ounce (Pack of 2)


Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover Spray 500Ml

Vanish Preen Oxi Action Carpet Stain Remover has been specially formulated to help remove a wide range of tough carpet stains. Boosted by the power of active oxygen, its formula penetrates deep into the carpet pile, to start breaking down and dissolving the stains right before your eyes. And because it's Vanish Preen, you can trust it's great for your carpet. Suitable for use on wool.

Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover powder is a powerful way to help keep your clothes and other fabrics looking clean and smelling fresh. Vanish's Oxi Action formula attacks all types of stubborn stains, and even dried on grime, lifting them from the fabric. Vanish Oxi Action's powerful formula with Oxi Powerlift attacks all types of stubborn stains - from the ones you can clearly see to the tougher ones that may be hidden deep in the fabric - lifting the dirt and grime first time. This generous 500g tub lets you discover Vanish Oxi Action's effective cleaning power again and again and, as it is equally effective on both coloured and white garments you can rest assured your family's laundry is exceptionally clean and stain free 1st time, every time.

From banishing fresh chocolate and coffee marks, to dissipating deep-down dried on grass, mud and blood stains, Vanish Oxi Action is easy to use. A versatile fabric stain remover, pop it in your main washing machine drawer alongside your normal detergent - adding 1 scoop for tough stains and just half a scoop for normal stains. You can also use this stain remover to soak fabrics for a really intensive clean: fully dissolve 1 scoop in 4 litres of warm water before soaking coloured fabrics for up to an hour, or whites for up to 6 hours. If the wash is only slightly soiled just use half a scoop for any fabric colour. Elbow grease - saved.

Vanish oxi Action Stain Remover Powder - 200 g

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    Mum recommended I use Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover on it , I thought it would just take the colour out, leave a little mark , not work properly but to my amazement its fantastic! You cant tell what so ever it was there on my carpet - just spray, leave 5 min's and blot off!! the mark I tested it on had been dried on for weeks too....

    Vanish Oxi Action is a highly effective stain removal product for white fabric and clothing. Use Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover, with its super boosted formulation, on stubborn stains and marks, then sit back and let it get to work.