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Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent Powder, HE-safe, Free & Clear, No Scent, 5 lb


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Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent Powder HE-Safe Free & Clear 5lb Tub::This detergent is anything but average. Because of the absence of dyes, fragrances, brighteners, softeners and unnecessary additives, the Laundry Detergent Powder HE-Safe Free & Clear...

As active athletes we pay a lot of money for our work out gear, we put in the hours in the gym or out on the road…might as well look good and smell good at least before our workout and let Vapor Fresh sports laundry detergent take care of the after smell.

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    Did you know that your workout clothes and sports apparel have very specific washing instructions that everyday detergents don't comply with? That's why your workout gear slowly becomes less comfortable and develops a nasty lingering odor you can't seem to get rid of-- you're using the wrong detergent! Vapor Fresh Sports Laundry Detergent is specifically formulated to wash performance clothing and everyday clothing, so there's no need to separate your laundry or buy two different laundry detergents! It's also free & clear of dyes, fragrances, brighteners and softeners, so it's safe even for the most sensitive skin. The biodegradable surfactants and phosphate-free formula also make Vapor Fresh !