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Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Floor and Hardwood Cleaner Solution with Febreze Refill, Lavendar Vanilla and Comfort Scent, 1.25 Liter (2 Pack)


Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Floor Cleaner - 1.25L

Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Floor Cleaner
Cleans to reveal the natural beauty of your finished wood floors
For use only on finished wood floors
Will not harm the wood
Colored bottle to differentiate cleaning solution
Use with the Swiffer Wet Jet Floor Cleaning System

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to change replace dead batteries for swifter wet jet floor cleaner maintenance video.
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Okay. Today I thought I would show you how to change the batteries on a Swifter Wet Jet. Now the key part here is to flip this thing upside down. Before you replace your liquid here. To release the liquid we are going to push this button. So flipping it upside down will mean you do not get a mess all over you.


The battery compartment is right here. It's very simple. Slide it down and there is our batteries. Change out our batteries. Good to go. Nice and simple. Anyway that is how you can get into the batteries for a Swifter Wet Jet.

Once again once you are finished, once you have replaced your batteries. You want to hold it this way and insert your liquid this way. Again you won't be getting your liquid all over you. Making a mess. That is how to replace the batteries on a Swifter Wet Jet.

Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Floor Cleaner - 1.25 Liter Bottle

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The WetJet Wood Floor Cleaner comes in a 1.25 L bottle. The scent is Blossom Breeze. The cleaner is designed for use on sealed hardwood and laminate floors. The suggested retail price for the refill bottle is 6.99.

The Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Floor Cleaner system works a bit differently than the other cleaners in our test. The pre-mixed floor cleaning solution is dispensed onto the floor through the Swiffer mop. The textured pad (with a scrubby strip) attached to the mop head gathers the soil and cleaner as you pass it across the floor. In our test, the Swiffer system did a good job dissolving and removing our sticky soil with very few passes but struggled a bit removing scuff marks, requiring repeated swipes. The system is very easy to use and the cleaner is very easy to dispense.