Material Safety Data Sheet WINDEX GLASS CLEANER (RTU)

LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner Glass Wiper Magnetic Cleaning Tools Useful Surface Cleaning Brush for High-rise Single Glazed Windows Thickness 0.2"-0.5"(5-12mm)


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For those that are worried about using ammonia/alcohol because of the possible paint damage… I use Jillee’s glass cleaner (link below) to clean inside and outside of all my car windows. I also use the cleaner on the tire rims, license plate, and the occasional spots on the car itself if needed, with no damage to any part of the car. Point being… Ingredients are the same in different amounts for windshield and glass cleaner. I actually add extra alcohol to the spray bottle after refilling from the main jug of cleaner so it will dry faster. I have 3 all purpose items always in my car… Spray bottle of white vinegar, spray bottle of Jillee’s glass cleaner, and an old grated cheese shaker of baking soda. Those 3 items seem to be the able to handle most, if not all, urgent situations.

Keeping your window glasses clean is one of the most important winter cleaning tips for homes. Since windows are more exposed to the cold air outside, it will get covered with condensed water when you keep a heater in your room.

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Method makes a great window and glass cleaner that smells divine. The soft mint smell is such a nice change from most glass cleaners. Method's Best in Glass can stand up to tough indoor and outdoor messes; add to that Method's commitment to green cleaning options, and you've got a winner.