natural hardwood floor cleaner recipe: before and after

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Cif Wood Floor Cleaner Camomile 1L.

Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner did a good job dissolving our scuff marks, though it required repeated passes to completely remove them. It did an average job removing our sticky, dried-on soil. Like all trigger spray products, Orange Glo was easy to dispense.

Before breaking out the homemade wood floor cleaner, remove surface dirt. Attach a fringed pad to a microfiber mop. The fringe will trap large debris and push it ahead of the mop, keeping particles from getting under the pad where they could , while microfiber pad traps dust. Run the mop around the baseboards of the room without lifting it up. Lifting the mop up could allow larger particles to get trapped underneath the pad—again, potentially scratching the wood. Then, go back and forth across the room, without lifting the mop, slightly overlapping each stroke.

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    STEP 1
    Add two to three drops of pure castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) to a large spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way with warm water. A little castile soap goes a long way, so a 16-ounce bottle ensures that you’ll dilute it properly; plus, with a batch this size, you’ll have enough made to clean your floors several times. If you’d like your homemade wood floor cleaner to impart a fresh scent on the space, add three to five drops of such as orange, peppermint, lavender, or lemongrass. Then close the bottle and shake vigorously to mix the solution.

    Wood floors add beauty and warmth to any home, but they do demand special care. Though there are plenty of commercial cleaners on the market, these can be pricey. Plus, if you have pets or kids, you may want to shy away from those with harsh chemicals. So why not mix up and use a homemade wood floor cleaner that will cost far less and skip toxins altogether? Whip some up and use these techniques as part of your regular cleaning routine, and your wood floors will look wonderful for years.