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Howard RS0016 Restor-A-Shine Wood Finish Polishing Compound - 16 oz


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Howard Feed-N-Wax 16-oz. Wood Polish and Conditioner protects and enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood. The polish provides a soft luster for all wood surfaces, and it prevents the wood from deteriorating and drying out. Feed-N-Wax creates a soft luster with a coating of Brazilian carnauba wax and beeswax.

Our range of wood polish is very effective for maintenance of wooden furniture and helps to retain the bright and shiny look of furniture. The wood polishes offered are non-alcoholic, high

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  • Special wax for gloss and matt lacquered wood surfaces
  • Produces an unsurpassed gloss combined with extraordinarily endurant care and protection

Interior applications made from fine wood require special care. Mostly these are enhanced and protected with multiple thin layers of clear lacquer. For these sensitive and valuable components Swissvax has developed the Wood Polish which has been an insider tip among concours enthusiasts for a long time. This incredible wax for gloss and matt lacquered wood is based on purest Brazilian yellow grade one carnauba and produces an unsurpassed gloss combined with extraordinarily enduring care and protection.

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The first ingredient is water, of course. Get yourself a spray bottle and put 3 cups of water in there. Once the water is in your sprayer, you will be adding two additional items: Add them to the spray bottle and shake the bottle up a little to make everything mix together. That's it, that is all the wood polish you will ever need. Be sure to test the spray somewhere on the furniture just to make sure you have the mixture right and you will not damage the wood. (12/01/2009)

This non-toxic wood floor polish is easy to use with no special equipment necessary. It makes your wood floors look great. I highly recommend using Bona Polish as part of your wood floor maintenance. And remember, always read the label before you start polishing your wood floor.