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Woolite GENTLE CYCLE Liquid Laundry Detergent, 100 Fl Oz (50 loads) With Color Renew, HE & Regular Washers (Packaging May Vary)


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I have been using Woolite for delicates forever with my gentle washes and have been very satisfied. However, recently my daughter came home from college and, after she washed one load of her laundry in Woolite, she began itching all over.

She immediately attributed it to the Woolite, rewashed her clothes with our , and hasn't had a problem since.

Meanwhile, I thought she was overreacting because I had been using Woolite on her clothes since she was born. Then I developed a severe itchy rash that eventually spread all over my body.

Initially I attributed it to eating too many oysters, even though I eat shellfish regularly without having had any previous reactions.

Even with treatment, I have been rashing and itching with inflammation for a month now and continue to have new breakouts. To give my daughter credit, I checked out the Woolite bottle and realized it's a newer product ~ Woolite Complete. How long has that product been on the market? To my knowledge there was only one Woolite before for gentle washes. I imagine it has a different chemical formulation than what we have been used to for so long.

Has anyone else had an allergic reaction to Woolite Complete, after having had no problems with the original Woolite product over many years?Sorry to hear about your problems with Woolite Complete Anne Marie.

You're right, the original formula of Woolite was only for delicates, but a couple of years ago they decided they wanted to get into the broader laundry detergent market, so they created a formula that you could use on all your clothes, not just on delicates. As I explain in more detail on my they now have the delicates wash, the Complete formula, as well as a detergent that can be used on darks.

I actually got a complaint about the causing a mild allergic reaction for one person (click the link to read Amanda's experience), but you're the first person to tell me of a problem with the Complete formulation.

We actually have laundry allergies in our home, but the detergent when I used it didn't bother my family (see the review above). Of course, everyone's reaction is different.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used Woolite Complete detergent, sharing how it has worked for you, either in regard to skin reactions, or for how it cleaned your clothes. You can , or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

Woolite continues to provide gentle, effective solutions for keeping your clothes looking bright and new with each wash. From undergarments to athletic wear and jeans to blouses, the Woolite family of products makes it easy to wash practically every item in your closet. Bottles are made from recycled materials whenever possible. Woolite detergents are effective in cold water, saving money and energy while keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

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