Stains be Gone with Zep High Traffic Carpet Cleaner

ZEP Carpet Cleaner, 1 gallon


Zep Commercial High Traffic Carpet Cleaner

We have three cats in our home...crazy, I know! One morning my husband came down from bed to find that one little kitty had vomited, a lot. He "cleaned" it up using a different product that was in the cabinet. When I came home from work, I found the floor stained. I used my Zep High Traffic Caroet Cleaner on the now old, set in stain. I let it sit for about an hour before dabbing it off. I am excited to announce that my carpet is stain free. We use it for every mess on the carpet now...can't live without it.

Zep High Traffic Carpet Cleaner is an excellent deep cleaning product that I would suggest everyone keep on hand for dirty carpets and rugs whether for everyday stains and soil or deep cleaning when needed. My carpet and room smelled very fresh and clean after applying Zep Carpet Cleaner and I plan to purchase this product again.

Zep Commercial High Traffic Carpet Cleaner - ZUHTC32

Zep Commercial High Traffic Carpet Cleaner - ZUHTC128

My home sees lots of foot traffic,from grown-ups to kids to grand babies to four legged fur babies and our carpet really can be put through the ringer so to speak. I started using Zep High Traffic Carpet Cleaner on my carpet for some tougher stains other cleaners would simply not get out, I followed the bottle directions and to my pleasant surprise it worked wonderfully. The heavier built in stains are mostly completely gone and the carpet looks awesome. I highly recommend this wonderful product to everyone,it really does a terrific job and it is very reasonably priced. I will be a life long customer!!

ZEP High Traffic Carpet Cleaner uses enzyme action to help remove pet stains and odors. This carpet cleaner is designed to clean high traffic areas and is great for use on tough spots. It is especially effective in removing pet stains and odors.